Wicklow, because that’s where we opened our brewhouse in Bray. Wolf, because tradition has it that the last one in Ireland lived around here, and because the hops that we plant on our own hop farm takes its name – Humulus Lupulus – from that wild and proud creature too. Craft beer, because if it’s made better it tastes better. We love craft beer, and our passion shows in every pint. We hope you’ll love it too.

“Beer brewed the Wicklow way…”

Starting Pack Members

Co-Owner.  Runs the day to day business activities.  ....
Co-Owner.  Head Hop Farmer. Does the artsy stuff. Merchandise/Marketing
Head Brewer. Pete moved from Colorado USA to Bray to manage the everyday duties in the Brewery. Recipe development, Brewing, Keg washing/filling, painting, hop farming, plumbing, tour guide, IT assistant, etc. aka a brewer does whatever needs to be done.
Technician and Sales Support. Our first hire. Expert in tap installation, line cleaning, does deliveries, sales calls, and helps in the brewery as needed. 
Assistant Brewer. Etienne is originally from Grenoble, France. He helps Pete with his day to day duties including; brewing, kegging & all things brewery related. He does whatever he can to produce more beer.
Lots of help and support from our wonderful team of Family and Friends.  Their assistance, nagging, quality control (free drinking) and encouragement through this adventure has helped us get to where we are today. 

“If it’s made better, it tastes better…”




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Our Beers

Our beers are handcrafted 1500L at a time. We use the finest grains, hops and yeast varieties from Ireland, UK, Europe, and beyond. Our unfiltered beers are full of character, flavour, and inspiration. We will never rest with just a few ‘standard’ brews. We will be brewing up our favorite beer styles from the US, Germany, Belgium, UK, and take inspiration from unique ideas from all across the world. So grab a beer and join us for the ride, its gonna be tasty!!

Locavore 2015 – Fresh Hopped Irish Pale Ale
Specialities/Seasonal Beers
A Beer Called Rwanda
Specialities/Seasonal Beers
Free Ranger IPA
Regular Brews
Belgian Brown
Specialities/Seasonal Beers
Elevation Pale Ale
Regular Brews
Arcadia Kolsch
Regular Brews
Regular Brews
American Amber
Regular Brews
Kentucky Common
Regular Brews
Black Perle Porter
Regular Brews
Solar Eclipse Saison
Specialities/Seasonal Beers
Falconer’s Flight – Blonde Ale
Specialities/Seasonal Beers
Locavore Blonde – Fresh Hopped Ale
Specialities/Seasonal Beers

Brewery Tours

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We love craft beer, and we’d love to hear from you if you do too.

Wicklow Wolf Brewing Company
Galtrim Park, Bray,
Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

m: 087 616 4172

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